Oracle APEX Grand Tour

I joined the APEX dev team in 2021 after falling in love with its low-code app-building productivity and ability to fully embrace the Oracle database. But when I looked for a unified demo and presentation showcasing all its low-code features, I came up empty-handed. Over the following months, I learned everything I could and created the one hour webinar I wished had existed when I was starting out with the product. The goal? Educate the viewer on what is possible with APEX by seeing it in action.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have already employed most of APEX’s awesome capabilities in your own apps. But, when you want to educate others about the wonders of APEX, consider sending them this link:

If the people you evangelize like what they see, then suggest next that they take our new APEX Foundations course to roll up their sleeves and use the product with free guidance from our instructors.

The desktop and mobile MediPay demo in the webinar shows off the following APEX features in action:

  • Progressive Web Applications for desktop and mobile devices
  • Persistent authentication (“Remember me”)
  • Mobile install screenshots (now declarative in 22.2)
  • Mobile native camera to snap image of receipt to reimburse
  • Mobile image resize and upload (using plugin based on open-source JS library)
  • GPS from mobile device (now a built-in dynamic action in 22.2)
  • Approvals task definition for approving reimbursement payment
  • Custom task details page for claim payment approvals
  • Flows for APEX payment processing model
    • Email to customer if validation of payment method fails
  • View current state of Flows for APEX task model (using plugin)
  • REST invocation of 3rd party payment processing using two-legged OAuth2 authentication
  • Spatial query for fraud detection (highlighting when upload occurs over 500km from user’s home address)
  • Geocoding lookup on user profile address page
  • Minimap Display-only Map Widget on attachment detail page
  • Smart Filters and Map Region against REST(Recent Payments) working both “live” over REST and using REST synchronized local cache table
  • Faceted Search and cards against remote Oracle DB with REST-enabled SQL (Leads Referrals) working both “live” over REST and using REST synchronized local cache table
  • Web-style multiword search using “Tokenize row search”
  • One-click Remote Deployment from Team Dev to Team UAT environment
  • Calendar for Leads Meetings with drag and drop to reschedule or adjust meeting length
  • Master/Detail Interactive Grids page with Coverage Plans
  • Interactive Report with All Claims
  • Dashboard page with charts
  • Machine Learning algorithm integrated for showing prediction probability of approve/reject.
  • Regions in tabs on the User Profile Page
  • Image upload and display in User Photo tab, with automatic BLOB storage
  • Dynamic Actions to react to value changes to hide/show fields on User Profile payment method tab
  • ACL security (MediPay Staff Member | MediPay Customer) controlling access to pages, regions, items, and columns
  • Server-side JavaScript User Profile page to lookup user id from logged in user name at page load and in “Clear Unselected Payment Methods” process
  • VPD security for MED_CLAIMS_V view so users only see their own claims in the desktop portal